Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Your Computer

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A slow computer is one of the most irritating things that could happen and therefore we would do anything in order to get it back to speed. Below are a few tips that would be able to help you out if you're trying to get your computer back up and running just the way you like it:

Speed Up Your Computer

Switch off your anti-virus program
If at all you're working on a program that needs a lot of ram to work or maybe you're playing a game, there's no need of keeping your anti-virus turned on. Of course, some people are scared and that's the reason they keep it turned on all the time.

But, in such cases if you're not actually downloading anything you could just keep the firewall turned on and the main program could be turned off.

Connect to a power source
This may not seem relevant, but when you connect your laptop to a power source it would function better as in this case your laptop wouldn't try and hold back on any programs in order to save power.
Therefore, just by connecting to a power socket you may be able to speed up your laptop. It's not a considerable increase in speed, but every small bit helps.

Switch off programs that you don't use
Whenever you install a new program, it usually launches itself on startup. Therefore, you need to make sure that you get rid of unnecessary programs from your startup as this would only increase the startup time of your computer as well as slow down your computer on the whole as you'd have a load of programs running even though you're not using them.

Free up space
If your computer is running out of space you must consider buying an external hard drive as this would be able to help out a lot. The more free space your computer has, the more processing space it has and therefore the processes that you run, especially large programs and games would be able to run easily.

Clean up your computer
In this case we're not talking about getting rid of unnecessary programs. Of course that's going to help a lot too. But, more importantly you need to make sure that you keep your laptop or computer free of dust particles.

Dust can slow down your computer a lot and it would even destroy various components of your system. You would be able to do this on your own with ease or if necessary you could hire someone to do this for you on an occasional basis.

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