The Best Way to Improve Your Computer's Performance

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You can tweak almost every component of your PC to make its performance optimal. You only have to look for computer tips and tricks. You can tweak its hardware to make it work faster and more efficient than it usually does and its software to make all applications that are installed on your computer run perfectly with as efficient resources as possible. This article features some tips and tricks that guide you to weak or to tune up your PC's hardware and software.

Improve Computer Performance

Tweaking Your Computer's Hardware
There are a number of hardware components of your PC that you can tune up in order to improve its performance. Because the most essential part of your computer is its processor, you can start by tweaking it. Overclock is the most familiar term that PC users usually use to refer to CPU tune-up process. There are two easy ways to tweak your computer's CPU. If your computer is manufactured within the last four years, you can easily overclock your PC's CPU by modifying its BIOS or UEFI BIOS setup. When you access your computer's BIOS, you should try to locate CPU Operating Speed, FSB Clock and PCI Clock settings and alter their values. If you cannot find those settings in your PC's BIOS, then your computer is an old one. For old PC, overclocking can be done by changing the jumper settings of your computer's motherboard. Because different CPUs have different performance peak, there is no universal rule of how to overclock your CPU. You can experiment with different settings until you figure out the performance peak of your PC. If you have assigned a particular value to your CPU clock speed setting and the PC crashes or doesn't boot properly when you turn it on, then your computer has gone beyond its performance peak. You should thus lower that value a little bit in order to keep your computer running properly. If you cannot access the BIOS to reset its settings, you should locate the motherboard's 3-pin jumper labeled "reset bios" or "clear CMOS," remove the jumper that connects the first and the second pins, and attach it to connect the second and the third pins. Some new computers allow you to tune up the performance of their CPU and Video card by using built-in application that you can access after you start your computer.

Tweaking Your Computer's Software
Tweaking your computer's software is much simpler and easier than tweaking its hardware. You can use third-party applications to tweak your computer's system environment, alter its operating system by using the already-installed standalone programs, or alter the setting of all applications that are installed on it.
There is a large selection of third-party programs that you can use to do some tweaking jobs on your PC. You can, for example, use Teracopy to copy files and folders much more quickly or use BatteryCare to extend your laptop's battery life. Just surf the internet and you can mostly find hundreds of programs that you can use to tweak your computer.

You can also tweak your computer's operating system by altering its settings using any built-in applications that are installed on your computer when you install its operating system. If you are using Windows operating system, for example, you can prevent it from making record of recent files that you open by accessing its taskbar and start menu properties setting or prevent it from running autoplay function by altering its group policy setting (GPEDIT.MSC) if you are using Windows XP or by changing its autoplay setting at Control Panel if you are using the later versions of Windows.

A number of programs that you have installed on your computer also have standalone tweaking functions. If you are interested in knowing the hidden features of all programs that you install on your computer, you can try to search for its "hidden features" or "Easter eggs" by using internet.

There are thousands of computer tips and tricks that you can find when you are online. By referring to those tips and tricks, you can alter your computer the way you want.

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